Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boise State's Martin Glad To Be Plantar Fasciitis Free

Unless you knew Boise State's Beau Martin, you would have never known he was suffering from a crippling case of plantar fasciitis last season.
Martin had offseason surgery to fix the painful condition in his left foot and he hopes to walk without pain during his senior year.
"It was like walking on a butter knife," Martin recalled. "It made things really difficult. At my position, you have to be able to explode with that first step. And I believe that my strength, my get off is big, and when you have an injury like that, it makes it hard with plantar fasciitis, even walking is hard."
Martin was somehow able to make it through the entire season, never mentioning a word of his malady to reporters. He had 21 tackles in 13 games and finished second on the team with seven tackles-for-loss.
Martin, 6-foot-2 and 254 pounds, also finished second on the team with four sacks, two pass breakups, two passes defended, and a fumble recovery. Not bad numbers for a player who was in terrible pain.
"Every step is hard, even waking up in the morning," Martin said. "It was hard during the season because I couldn't stay off my feet. I think the bye weeks helped me, but  it was a battle all year long.
"The coaches knew, but the thing with plantar fasciitis, the only thing you can do to heal it is months on months of recovery and staying off it, and that wasn't an option for me. I could still play, but it was just dealing with the pain."
Martin missed the first few practices of spring training to finish his rehabilitation and is now back on the field, lined up for the No. 1 defense.
"It was an issue, but it's taken care of now and I feel 100 percent," Martin said. "I'm such a happy guy right now. I'm loving the game. It's tough playing with something like that, and I love it that much more now and I'm not taking anything for granted."
Martin knows that this is a big season for him and he's ready to play with a healthy and pain-free foot.
"It feels great to be healthy. I feel like my old self... I want to lead and be that guy out there that I know I can be and contribute and be the senior leader they want me to be and take it one day at a time."
Reference: Idaho Press
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  1. Of course I know Boise State's Beau Martin. I was missing his action. I am glad that he has recovered fully from Plantar Fasciitis. A big thank you to the doctor and wish Martin all the best!

  2. I’ve never had this injury but seriously keeping this post in mind for if I ever do in the future. I love how you crowdsourced to find what others are doing.

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