Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Would Adult Stem Cells Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Adult stem cells in recent years have shown a bright future in the medical world. Examples of how adult stem cells have made a difference include restoring vision to a blind man, growing a human liver, and the potential to regrow fingers and toes.
Embryonic stem cells have a controversial past due to the nature of their procurement via the destruction of a fertilized human embryo. There has been successful research with somatic stem cells, also known as adult stem cells. The difference between embryonic and adult stem cells is that embryonic cells can transform into any type of cell, while adult cells can transform into a limited group of cells.
New plantar fasciitis research has used adult stem cells taken from bone marrow, fat, or amniotic material. the benefit of this treatment is that it not only soothes pain, but can regenerate damaged tissue. The procedure is considered outpatient and has no risks.
Besides plantar fasciitis, adult stem cells have been used to treat arthritis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff symptoms, Achilles tendonitis, and other conditions.
For those who suffer long periods of time with plantar fasciitis, or have recurring bouts, this may be a viable option for their condition. We'll watch and see what the future brings for this treatment option.
Reference: Inquistr
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