Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham Playing With Torn Plantar Fascia

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has a partially torn plantar fascia and is continuing to play despite the injury.
Graham played last week against the Buffalo Bills, scoring two touchdowns.
"He told me it's a pain issue and is heading over to test it early. Felt better Friday, but still a very painful issue. If he can play Saints will put him on pitch count," tweeted Jay Glazer.
Graham was injured in the fourth quarter in the October 13th game against the New England Patriots. He was limping and went to the sidelines to be taped. Graham played a few more snaps before leaving for the locker room.
The Saints had a bye week October 20th, but his injury continued throughout the week. Graham returned to practice that Friday, where he ran routes and practiced in a limited capacity.
Graham had been listed as questionable to play against the Bills and ended up being a game-time decision
after coaches watched him run and cut on the foot in a pregame workout. Graham caught three passes for 37 yards and two touchdowns in under 20 snaps.
"It's gonna hurt. But football hurts. That's just how it is," Graham said after the game. "It's just, 'How much pain can you endure?' And you know, I'm pretty good at that."
Graham and Saints coach Sean Payton say there is no serious risk of further injuring his foot if he continues to play. For Graham it will be a matter of pain management. As we've blogged about before, it is often better for the plantar fascia to tear completely, rather than it be a partial tear, as the pain is worse with a partial than a complete. Graham has not specified if his is completely torn.
"I mean, that's an oxymoron, right?," Graham said. "I've heard a couple different things by a couple different doctors. I've talked to a lot of people, and I'm not sure. I guess we'll see.
"You know me, it doesn't matter how I feel. I'm very competitive, and I want as many opportunities as I can get to help this team. But I'm gonna do what (Payton) asks me to do and what my body allows me to do, and I'm just gonna take it day by day."
In Graham's second touchdown, he had to make an adjustment to his trademark touchdown dance- dunking the ball over the goalpost. But Graham didn't let a silly injury stop him.
"I still dunked it. But I dunked off my right foot because I can do both," Graham said. "So this time I just jumped off the right foot and dunked with the left. There will never be a moment I won't dunk it."
Good for you, Jimmy Graham. Good for you.
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