Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knicks' Marcus Camby Suffering With Plantar Fasciitis

New York Knicks' Marcus Camby has plantar fasciitis and hopes the pain in his left foot won't keep him out for long.
"A couple of days," Camby said on Wednesday. "I'm receiving treatment and then we'll see how I am in a couple of days."
Camby did not play against the Bobcats or the Heat, so we'll see if he's better for tonight's game. It's unlikely he'll make a miraculous recovery, and if he does play, it will be in pain. Camby signed a three year contract last July with the Knicks and has been used sparingly in his second tour. He missed most of the preseason with a calf injury, which could be related to his plantar fasciitis. Even when Camby has been healthy, coach Mike Woodson has not used this veteran center. Camby is the fourth oldest player in the NBA.
"I know I haven't been playing, but I'm still working on the side, three on three and running. I woke up and it was kind of sore, and the other day I had an MRI during the game and they said I had some plantar fasciitis, and just to monitor it and get some treatment on it," Camby said.
"It's tough," Camby said. "I've been a starter like 15, 16 straight years. It's tough when you want to be out there. But the bigger scheme of things is we're playing well. Amar'e Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert are around the corner and things are only going to get better."
Oddly enough, minutes before Camby addressed reporters Woodson denied that Camby had an MRI. Last week Woodson also denied Jason Kidd had an MRI on his back. Could it be an organizational policy, or are they trying to deny they have a lot of older players on their team?
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