Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can Bone Spurs Cause Heel Pain?

Many people who believe they have heel pain think that bone spurs are the cause. While that may be the
source for some, for most cases bone spurs are not what causes your heel pain.
Bone spurs are a very common foot problem. In the feet, they develop most frequently in the heel, near the toes, and on top of the big toe joint. The spurs are small outgrowths of bone. In and of themselves, they are generally harmless. However, their location may cause friction or irritation from shoes or other foot structures, which can lead to other foot problems.
Heel spurs refer specifically to bone spurs in the heel. Heel spurs are an growth of the bone on the underside, forepart of the heel bone, and occur when the plantar fibrous band pulls at its attachment to the heel bone. This area of the heel later calcifies to form a spur. With proper warm-up and the use of appropriate athletic shoes, strain to the ligament can be reduced.
Anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, corrective shoes, and/or orthotics (special shoe inserts) are some of the common treatments for bone spurs. Note: Please consult with your podiatric physician before taking any medications. Surgery may be prescribed if spurring around the joint becomes severe or lead to recurrent pain from persistent corns.
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